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Welcome to your Unocal Legacy website!  

What was happening 30 years ago?

Well, oil prices were relatively high in 1982, as this graph shows:
Union Oil had over 20,000 employees for the first time in its history.
The Seventy-Six magazine for the first 2 months of 1982 featured these stories:
The whole magazine (with others) is available at http://unocallegacy.squarespace.com/76-magazine-archives/



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Unocal Legacy, Inc. was formed to create this web site celebrating the Legacy of Union76/Unocal.


SEE the old "Murph" commercials  - links on our "Links" page - click here!

See our article on the 1984 struggle between CEO Fred Hartley and T. Boone Pickens for the future of Unocal.

As we go forward we hope others who were part of or interested in the Unocal Era will visit and contribute to preserving the history, accomplishments and effort that made Unocal a historic California and international petroleum producing and refining corporation.

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